Pinterest Up!

I am expanding my social media reach by becoming active on Pinterest again. One of my podcasts reminded me of Pinterest’s idea boards approach. It is an excellent way to organize posts by subject. I set up a new board based on my visits to historical sites. Let’s see how the experiment goes.

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Why Tik Tok? 1.5 Billion …

Wow! I got quite a reaction to my post, “Career Advice Found on Tik Tok.” Friends explaining why they’re not on Tik Tok. Friends trying to convince me to get off of Tik Tok. Friends who still think Tik Tok is just for young people. Friends who think spy agencies are following me because of Tik Toc. (Really?)

I asked the same question of all of them, “Did you read my post?” There’s kool stuff on Tik Tok. Follow the right people and be inspired by those one-minute videos. It’s why I make the recommendations in the post. Ten Tik Tok profiles that will teach, inspire and help you find your next job!

Gary Vaynerchuk gives another perspective on Tik Tok. Why would you ignore 1.5 billion people if your goal is to meet people, market yourself, get ideas, or learn? There’s fool language in the short video but hear Gary say it for yourself:

Career Advice Found on Tik Tok

I told a story in my last blog post. Someone connected with me on LinkedIn then asked me for career advice. It was a first for me. I shared the advice I gave in that post – “I Got a Career Advice Question on LinkedIn. Here’s My Answer.

I listed a few podcasts that could be helpful in the post. Today I remembered there is another place to get great career advice, the social media site Tik Tok!

There’s plenty of wisdom shared in some of those one-minute videos! Here are ten people to follow on Tik Tok with samples of their advice:

1 – TJ Walker / @tjwalktraning / Personal development and career success advice

Video sample – Perfectionism is just fear …


2 – Career Becky / @careerbecky / Career and resume advice

Video sample – Four amazing questions to ask at the end of every job interview.


3 – Gary Vaynerchuk / @garyvee / Social marketing, career, and success advice [WARNING: Some videos have fool langauge.]

Video sample – Kindness is giving with …


4 – Dean Graziosi / @deangraziosi / Success advice

Video sample – Bad advice is very costly.


5 – Millionaire Empire / @millionaireempire / Daily motivational videos

Video sample – We all have the same 24 hours.


6 – Daniel Smiley / @danielsmiley / Success advice

Video sample – Five things to do to be successful.


7 – Gregg Hinthorn / @hinthorn / Advice on being a better writer

Video sample – Want to be a better writer …


8 – Madeline Mann / @selfmademillennial / Job search advice from a HR professional

Video sample – Use key words on your LinkedIn profile.


9 – Jeff Magnuson / @askjeff / Job search, interviewing, and career advice

Video sample – How to answer the, “What’s your current salary?,” during an interview.


10 – Any Hour Services / @anyhourservices / Do you run a small business? This profile is an excellent example of how a small business can market itself on Tik Tok.

Video sample – Business owner singing …


I hope this helps! Thanks you for reading