A Message From Historic House Museum Consortium of Washington, DC on Black Lives Matter

I loved seeing this as an African-American and a history buff. A post on Instagram related to historical sites and the Black Lives Matter movement from the Historic House Museum Consortium of Washington, DC! THANK YOU! #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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Many of DC’s house museums were built by the hands of the enslaved. Today museums are too often seen as unwelcoming to people who aren’t white. This needs to change. Black hands built this country, black voices defined it, and BLACK LIVES MATTER. Posted @withregram • @woodlawnandpopeleighey “Human hands have fashioned and used needle and thread since the beginning of civilization, black hands, brown hands, white hands, across cultures”. When we closed down in March, we were just a few days into our 2020 Needlework Show. The theme was celebrating 100 years of women expressing their rights through the making of needlecraft. We welcomed pieces by anyone and everyone, but we can do better. Now it’s important that we highlight some pieces created in just the last weeks by needlemakers (and others) across the world. We commit to working even harder to dig out, exhibit, and highlight makers of color – and those who support them – in everything we do and every story we continue to tell. Thanks to @roxanag @windowandwing @silvermoon.embroidery @sfsnad @lauralpinhoward @embroiderybypeyton @stitchcraft @gulushthreads @thecomptoir for the work and @themarquissisters for their wonderful quote. To our dedicated needle arts community, please share with us other artists you think we might not yet know and need to showcase in our Show and throughout our exhibit spaces.

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