Love History? Alexandria, VA Has Three Self-Guided Walking Tours (From Visit Alexandria)

Sharing a post. Please check out this post from the Visit Alexandria website, “SELF-GUIDED WALKING TOURS.” There are six tours in total. Three are historic.

From the post – “Looking to explore Alexandria at your own pace? Use one of our self-guided tours below, from a historic breweries walking tour to an African-American history driving tour. Founded in 1749, Alexandria is filled with a wealth of historic sites you can discover on our self-guided walking tours or by using the City of Alexandria’s Historical Panels Walking Tour. Once you’ve completed the tours below, consider taking a guided tour. Another great way to unlock Alexandria’s rich culture and history is by purchasing a Key to the City attractions pass.”

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Carlyle House Historic Park (Alexandria, VA)

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I had a quick visit to the Carlyle House Historic Park in Alexandria, VA to take photographs before starting my research. I arrived after the museum was closed for the day.

I was surprised to find a bunch of people in the small park behind the house. I remember thinking, “This neighborhood really enjoys this park.” I started taking my photographs when I noticed people were huddled together and dressed up. Nearly finished taking my pictures, I spot a photographer and realize, it’s a wedding! There is a private event going on in the park. Of course, I cut my picture taking short. I only wish someone had posted a sign or notice that a private event was taking place. I would have returned at a later date.

I have a couple of notes about this site:

  • Parking is not free (unless you find street parking). There is a parking garage a short walk across the street. The maximum daily rate is $5.00 as of 06/26/2020.
  • There is a small coffee/gelato shop three doors down from the historic site. A two-story visitor center is next to the coffee/gelato shop.

This site is a member of the Historic House Museum Consortium of Metropolitan Washington D.C.

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Ben Lomond Historic Site – The Tour (Manassas, VA)

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Historic site details: Ben Lomond Historic Site | 10321 Sudley Manor Drive., Manassas, VA 20109 | 703-367-7872 | 703-792-4754 (Prince William County’s Historic Preservation Office) | The park and rose garden are open from sunrise to sunset every day. The buildings are only open seasonally. There is a fee to take a tour. Call for tour times. | Free Parking | Actively looking for volunteers. | The site includes the main house, a dairy, a bunkhouse, a smokehouse, slave quarters, and a rose garden. | The site is a member of the Historic House Museum Consortium of Metropolitan Washington D.C. (HHMCWDC) | Historic site on Facebook | Historic Preservation Office on Facebook | Instagram (Hashtag) | Wikipedia

Historic role (from the website): “Ben Lomond and its outbuildings were constructed for Benjamin Tasker Chinn in 1832.  Confederate forces used Ben Lomond as a hospital following the 1861 Battle of First Manassas.  Signatures of Federal soldiers who occupied the property in 1862 are still visible inside the house.  Tour the house, where you can smell, touch, hear and taste history.  Then see the restored slave quarter, smokehouse and dairy and enjoy the fragrant Rose Garden.

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Travel Bucket List (Pin Board on Pinterest)

I am creating on a “my travel bucket list” on Pinterest! I have a list of places I want to travel. I decided to make it easy for anyone to create a travel bucket list. I am accumulating all the “Visit,” “Go to,” and “Keep calm” pins for all the countries, island chains, and territories on the planet. If you want to create a travel bucket list board, you will find all the pins you need here when the board is complete. I am adding the pins in reverse alphabetical order. I just added “Visit Serbia” today.

I hope you do not just create a bucket list! Start traveling once COVED-19 is no longer an issue. Always check if a location has an alert or warning before visiting. BE SAFE and have fun!!!

Comments are welcome on this blog and the board on Pinterest.

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Pinterest Up!

I am expanding my social media reach by becoming active on Pinterest again. One of my podcasts reminded me of Pinterest’s idea boards approach. It is an excellent way to organize posts by subject. I set up a new board based on my visits to historical sites. Let’s see how the experiment goes.

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100 Posts!

I received a message from WordPress that I made 100 posts for my CAPM and More blog! I am very excited! What a milestone! This blog is a project I enjoy working on, and I look forward to achieving 200 posts!

THANK YOU! Thank you to my followers! Please accept my endless gratitude. The likes on my posts make my day.

The Search for History Buddies

I’ve been fascinated by history for years. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I watch documentaries and Youtube videos. The list of history blogs I follow is slowly growing.

 Blogging has changed that. History has grown from a pure fascination to genuine pursuit. I am working on history projects and have a list of historical sites I want to visit. I am building on my writing skills and learning how to create infographics. The pursuit is getting real!

I decided it is time to go to the next step. I want to go from a solitary pursuit to a group activity. It is time to find some history buddies! Fellow travelers on the same journey.

I want to interact with people in person. (More fund than online forums.) I thought I would give a try. A quick search for “history” within a 25-mile radius of my home in Fairfax County, Virginia. The query returned 14 meetup groups. Far more than I thought I would get. Three examples of the groups I saw are:

  1. History Buffs Book Discussion and Activity Group – 1,295 members
  2. Explorers: Washington DC Museum/Art/History – 2,019 members
  3. DC History & Culture: Embassy Events & Museum Meetups – 8,872 members

All museums and cultural sites are close now due to COVID-19. Most meetup groups have suspended operations or moved to virtual meetups. I don’t think I’ll have to wait long to interact with fellow history buffs. I have seen several of the sites on my list post their re-opening dates. Future meetups will start soon.

Do you attend meetups?

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