Why Tik Tok? 1.5 Billion …

Wow! I got quite a reaction to my post, “Career Advice Found on Tik Tok.” Friends explaining why they’re not on Tik Tok. Friends trying to convince me to get off of Tik Tok. Friends who still think Tik Tok is just for young people. Friends who think spy agencies are following me because of Tik Toc. (Really?)

I asked the same question of all of them, “Did you read my post?” There’s kool stuff on Tik Tok. Follow the right people and be inspired by those one-minute videos. It’s why I make the recommendations in the post. Ten Tik Tok profiles that will teach, inspire and help you find your next job!

Gary Vaynerchuk gives another perspective on Tik Tok. Why would you ignore 1.5 billion people if your goal is to meet people, market yourself, get ideas, or learn? There’s fool language in the short video but hear Gary say it for yourself:

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