Vote Please and Here’s Why

white and grey voting day sign
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I vote in every election. Usually, I don’t worry if my friends and family have voted. I did my part, and life goes on.
This election is different. The stakes are too high. We need all hands on deck for this one. Every time I encounter a friend or family member, I find myself asking, “Did you vote? Are you planning to vote?” Every time.
It’s that important!
I’m happy that most tell me they have voted or plan to vote. Hearing this brings a big smile and a firm, “Thank you!”
For those that start with the excuses why they’re not voting, I’m at a loss.
So I’m trying something new. Let the experts explain. (Thank you YouTube!) Here are 4 videos on why it’s important to vote (Please note: I have no control over any ads displayed before the video.):

This video is targeted at young people.

Delivering the message with signs. (Filmed in the UK.)

The history of voting in the United States.

I could not have said it better myself. Tomorrow (November 6th) is Election Day in the United States. GO VOTE!!!

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