Career Advice Found on Tik Tok

I told a story in my last blog post. Someone connected with me on LinkedIn then asked me for career advice. It was a first for me. I shared the advice I gave in that post – “I Got a Career Advice Question on LinkedIn. Here’s My Answer.

I listed a few podcasts that could be helpful in the post. Today I remembered there is another place to get great career advice, the social media site Tik Tok!

There’s plenty of wisdom shared in some of those one-minute videos! Here are ten people to follow on Tik Tok with samples of their advice:

1 – TJ Walker / @tjwalktraning / Personal development and career success advice

Video sample – Perfectionism is just fear …


2 – Career Becky / @careerbecky / Career and resume advice

Video sample – Four amazing questions to ask at the end of every job interview.


3 – Gary Vaynerchuk / @garyvee / Social marketing, career, and success advice [WARNING: Some videos have fool langauge.]

Video sample – Kindness is giving with …


4 – Dean Graziosi / @deangraziosi / Success advice

Video sample – Bad advice is very costly.


5 – Millionaire Empire / @millionaireempire / Daily motivational videos

Video sample – We all have the same 24 hours.


6 – Daniel Smiley / @danielsmiley / Success advice

Video sample – Five things to do to be successful.


7 – Gregg Hinthorn / @hinthorn / Advice on being a better writer

Video sample – Want to be a better writer …


8 – Madeline Mann / @selfmademillennial / Job search advice from a HR professional

Video sample – Use key words on your LinkedIn profile.


9 – Jeff Magnuson / @askjeff / Job search, interviewing, and career advice

Video sample – How to answer the, “What’s your current salary?,” during an interview.


10 – Any Hour Services / @anyhourservices / Do you run a small business? This profile is an excellent example of how a small business can market itself on Tik Tok.

Video sample – Business owner singing …


I hope this helps! Thanks you for reading