The Entrepreneur’s Bucket List (American Express Open Forum)

Aim to achieve these 10 things before you retire and you can call yourself a true entrepreneur.

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A bucket list for entrepreneurs! This is a post I had to share! I just added some of the items to my bucket list. (Five items I can already check off.) My favorites are:

2. Sell a business. When someone else pays money for a company that an entrepreneur built, there is a huge sense of pride. Creating something of value for customers is one thing, but when a larger company wants to “buy” what they created, that feeling is in an entirely different league.

3. Take a company public. While this is not for every entrepreneur, the “road show” experience for investors and the first day of public trading is not to be missed. Ringing the bell on the stock exchange will be something that will be remembered forever.

8. Write a book. While most entrepreneurs will never get rich publishing a book, it can be very rewarding. It can solidify what has been accomplished and leave a lasting personal legacy.

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