Want Information on How to Handle the Coronavirus? NPR Life Kit Podcast Has the Answers?

dreamstime_s_117954806The NPR Life Kit has hit the ball out of the park on how to handle the coronavirus. Episode after episode of tips and information on how to manage the crazy changes to our daily lives. Read or listen for yourself:

8 Tips To Make Working From Home Work For You

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5 Ways To Prevent And Prepare For The Coronavirus

A Guide: How To Prepare Your Home For Coronavirus

Your gym is closed – When It Comes To Exercise, ‘All Movement Counts’

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Working From Home. Here Are Things to Think About.

dreamstime_s_165010737 - Working From HomeSo many people are suddenly working from home. My wife has been working from home for over a year. I occasionally work from home. Here are some of the lessons we learned in adjusting to working remotely:
1 – Make sure you have a comfortable work chair. We had to buy office chairs to be able to work for hours without pain issues.
2 – Match the computer set up in the office. Both of us have a laptop and two screens in the office. Some people have a laptop and one large screen. Your mood and productivity will drop if you only have a small laptop screen at home.
3 – It’s essential to have a functional workspace ample enough for your computer, monitors, and space to write. If you don’t have one, buy one of those long folding picnic tables or a folding card table. It’s cheap and easy to use as a desk.
4 – Make sure your org has good communications software (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.) The beneficial thing is when you have chat groups. I have chat groups with my manager, the recruiters I work with, my project team, etc. People can call me via Teams if there’s something urgent. (They don’t need to look for my cell number.)
5 – Have a published directory of cell numbers if everyone is working from home, and there’s no communication software.
6 – Make sure your VPN works before you start your first day remotely. Test it at the office if you have software that requires it. Disconnect from the office network and tether your laptop to your cell phone to test the VPN.
7 – Be prepared to change or upgrade your internet service. Slow or unreliable internet kills mood and productivity.
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