Richmond, VA Organizations Celebrate With a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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Ready for a challenge? How about a virtual scavenger hunt? Fifteen Richmond, Virginia area historical and cultural organizations, all celebrating Virginia history and National Scavenger Hunt Day (May 24th) together. What better way than to create the RVA History Hunt. A chance to explore each organizations’ website in search of answers. COVID-19 forced museums and cultural centers to close. Go keyboard exploring. More details about the hunt are here. The organizations involved in the hunt are:

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Looking for a Challenge? Try Historic Old Town Fairfax’s Scavenger Hunt

Historic Old Town Fairfax (Fairfax City, VA) is having a scavenger hunt! Seven clues in the challenge. A brochure with details is on the Fairfax City website. The scavenger hunt starts at the corner of Main Street and East Street. There is a small public parking lot on one corner of the intersection. You can also park at Main St Marketplace on the opposite corner. There are seven buildings to find during a four-block walk. Support small businesses with a visit to the shops at Main St Marketplace, Commonwealth Dry Goods, or De Clieu Coffee while you search (grab & go only). Good luck on the hunt! Let me know if you found them all.

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