Carlyle House Historic Park (Alexandria, VA)

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I had a quick visit to the Carlyle House Historic Park in Alexandria, VA to take photographs before starting my research. I arrived after the museum was closed for the day.

I was surprised to find a bunch of people in the small park behind the house. I remember thinking, “This neighborhood really enjoys this park.” I started taking my photographs when I noticed people were huddled together and dressed up. Nearly finished taking my pictures, I spot a photographer and realize, it’s a wedding! There is a private event going on in the park. Of course, I cut my picture taking short. I only wish someone had posted a sign or notice that a private event was taking place. I would have returned at a later date.

I have a couple of notes about this site:

  • Parking is not free (unless you find street parking). There is a parking garage a short walk across the street. The maximum daily rate is $5.00 as of 06/26/2020.
  • There is a small coffee/gelato shop three doors down from the historic site. A two-story visitor center is next to the coffee/gelato shop.

This site is a member of the Historic House Museum Consortium of Metropolitan Washington D.C.

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