A Blogger’s Journey: The Question of Getting More Readers

blogI’m trying to grow as a blogger. I listen to blogging podcasts. I also joined a few blogger groups on Facebook so I could network and learn from other bloggers. I’m glad I did it because I am networking and learning.

A member of a group I joined posted a question. She had just started her blog a few days before. She said she felt her blog would not succeed because of the number of readers. She then asked how does a blog get more readers? I was one of several bloggers that replied to the question. My response was:

“I’m told the average blogger can expect to spend 2 years building up a good following and engagement. Writing talent can speed up the process. Excellent social media skills can speed up the process. Networking and exposure can speed up the process. Guest posting on other blogs can speed up the process. Pay attention to the posts that get you the best response and do more of those posts. Always ask for feedback from successful bloggers on how you can improve your blog. POST CONSISTENTLY!!!

One last thing – focus more on building engagement and not building readers. 200 highly engaged readers are better than 2,000 readers that never like or comment.”

Now I’m no expert. I have 43 followers as of this post. That’s huge for me but still small in the ocean of blogs out there. I come to this advice from podcasts, my study of blogging, and the network of bloggers I’m slowly building. To my fellow bloggers, this is my answer to the question. How would you answer?

Thanks for reading CAPM and More!

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