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I told a story in my last blog post. Someone connected with me on LinkedIn then asked me for career advice. It was a first for me. I shared the advice I gave in that post – “I Got a Career Advice Question on LinkedIn. Here’s My Answer.

I listed a few podcasts that could be helpful in the post. Today I remembered there is another place to get great career advice, the social media site Tik Tok!

There’s plenty of wisdom shared in some of those one-minute videos! Here are ten people to follow on Tik Tok with samples of their advice:

1 – TJ Walker / @tjwalktraning / Personal development and career success advice

Video sample – Perfectionism is just fear …


2 – Career Becky / @careerbecky / Career and resume advice

Video sample – Four amazing questions to ask at the end of every job interview.


3 – Gary Vaynerchuk / @garyvee / Social marketing, career, and success advice [WARNING: Some videos have fool langauge.]

Video sample – Kindness is giving with …


4 – Dean Graziosi / @deangraziosi / Success advice

Video sample – Bad advice is very costly.


5 – Millionaire Empire / @millionaireempire / Daily motivational videos

Video sample – We all have the same 24 hours.


6 – Daniel Smiley / @danielsmiley / Success advice

Video sample – Five things to do to be successful.


7 – Gregg Hinthorn / @hinthorn / Advice on being a better writer

Video sample – Want to be a better writer …


8 – Madeline Mann / @selfmademillennial / Job search advice from a HR professional

Video sample – Use key words on your LinkedIn profile.


9 – Jeff Magnuson / @askjeff / Job search, interviewing, and career advice

Video sample – How to answer the, “What’s your current salary?,” during an interview.


10 – Any Hour Services / @anyhourservices / Do you run a small business? This profile is an excellent example of how a small business can market itself on Tik Tok.

Video sample – Business owner singing …


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I Got a Career Advice Question on LinkedIn. Here’s My Answer.

dreamstime_s_130320892 - Career GoalsI had a first today! Someone connected with me, then asked me for career advice. I’m an open networker on LinkedIn. An open networker means I’m open to receiving connection requests from people you don’t know on the platform.
Connecting with people I don’t know is not unusual. Getting a message asking me for career advice after connecting, that’s a first.
I’m a Data Analyst in my current role. He explained that he wants to become an Analyst and asked if I had any career advice for him. A concise message with a simple question. Few details.
I had to think about this. Why me? I’m not a career counselor. One look at his LinkedIn profile revealed the reason. He’s a Sales Consultant who wants to become an Analyst. My career progression over the last seven years has been from a Sales Consultant to a Project Coordinator to a Data Analyst. Not a common transition.
I did respond to him with a couple suggestions. I’m sharing what I said to him. I had time to think about the question so I’m giving far more details here.
First, make sure you list specific skills under each position. Recruiters search for skills. My profile lists Excel development, Microsoft Access development, Sharepoint administration, Dynamics CRM administration, among other skills. Every call I received from a recruiter was asking about my skills, not my positions.
Second, learn from the experts. I knew to focus on skills because I started listening to career advice podcasts before and during my search. I also listen to podcasts about the field I’m interested in building a career. It’s an excellent way to keep up with treads in any field. You can catch a recruiter’s attendance with the skill listed on your profile. However, you need to be able to have a convincing conversation during the interview. Podcasts can help with that.
Here are some podcasts I listen that help me know how to conduct the search (recruiting trends). Then have convincing conversations about the skills and business trends. [Keep in mind some these podcasts are newer.]:
Search for your skill and see what podcasts come up.
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Microsoft Visio: Gateway to Creating Process Flows

dreamstime_s_119341780 - VisioI have an assignment. I have to create a process flow that follows data across multiple departments and involves various software systems. I’m using Microsoft Visio to make the process flow. The challenge, I haven’t used Visio in years.

Microsoft Visio is a diagramming and vector graphics application. It’s an add-on for the Microsoft Office suite of programs. You can get more information on Visio by following updates on social media: Microsoft 365 Blog | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

I found an excellent course on – “Microsoft Visio 13/16/19 Like a Boss – The Definitive Course

Let the journey begin! Thank you for reading

Virginia Waterfalls

dreamstime_xs_25473158-hill-with-waterfalls-landscapeVirginia has twenty-six waterfalls throughout the state. I will visit and photograph each of them. You can see photos and details on each waterfall at the Virginia State Tourism Website.

I’m gathering more information from the World Waterfall Database and the World of Waterfalls website. There is also a Virginia Waterfalls page on Facebook, and the Virginia is for Waterfall Lovers group on Facebook.

The waterfalls in Virginia are as follows:

Scotts Run Waterfall
Great Falls National Park
Overall Run Falls
Hazel Falls
Whiteoak Canyon
Dark Hollow Falls
South River Falls
Doyles River Falls
White Rock Falls
Mine Bank Cascades
Saint Marys Waterfall
Crabtree Falls
Statons Falls
Lace Falls
Apple Orchard Falls
Stony Run Falls
Blue Suck Falls
Falling Spring Falls
Roaring Run Falls
Waterfalls of Falls Ridge Preserve
Cascade Falls
Dismal Falls
Chestnut Creek Falls
Jones Hollow Falls
Comers Creek Falls
Little Stony Falls


Want Information on How to Handle the Coronavirus? NPR Life Kit Podcast Has the Answers?

dreamstime_s_117954806The NPR Life Kit has hit the ball out of the park on how to handle the coronavirus. Episode after episode of tips and information on how to manage the crazy changes to our daily lives. Read or listen for yourself:

8 Tips To Make Working From Home Work For You

Coronavirus And Parenting: What You Need To Know Now

5 Ways To Prevent And Prepare For The Coronavirus

A Guide: How To Prepare Your Home For Coronavirus

Your gym is closed – When It Comes To Exercise, ‘All Movement Counts’

I hope this helps!


Working From Home. Here Are Things to Think About.

dreamstime_s_165010737 - Working From HomeSo many people are suddenly working from home. My wife has been working from home for over a year. I occasionally work from home. Here are some of the lessons we learned in adjusting to working remotely:
1 – Make sure you have a comfortable work chair. We had to buy office chairs to be able to work for hours without pain issues.
2 – Match the computer set up in the office. Both of us have a laptop and two screens in the office. Some people have a laptop and one large screen. Your mood and productivity will drop if you only have a small laptop screen at home.
3 – It’s essential to have a functional workspace ample enough for your computer, monitors, and space to write. If you don’t have one, buy one of those long folding picnic tables or a folding card table. It’s cheap and easy to use as a desk.
4 – Make sure your org has good communications software (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.) The beneficial thing is when you have chat groups. I have chat groups with my manager, the recruiters I work with, my project team, etc. People can call me via Teams if there’s something urgent. (They don’t need to look for my cell number.)
5 – Have a published directory of cell numbers if everyone is working from home, and there’s no communication software.
6 – Make sure your VPN works before you start your first day remotely. Test it at the office if you have software that requires it. Disconnect from the office network and tether your laptop to your cell phone to test the VPN.
7 – Be prepared to change or upgrade your internet service. Slow or unreliable internet kills mood and productivity.
I hope this helps!

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43 Ways You’re Not Really Helping (Real Simple)

I want to be helpful to a friend in crisis or just having a tough time. This article from an old issue of Real Simple Magazine by Emily Hsieh gives excellent advice on what to say, what not to say, and when to act.

From the article:

Saying, “Let me know if there’s anything I can do,” when a friend is in crisis…

“It’s a lovely sentiment, but it puts the onus on her to ask for help,” says Andrea Bonior, a clinical psychologist and the author of The Friendship Fix. You feel good—you offered!—and she feels too overwhelmed to remember that you did. If you have a friend dealing with a death in the family, a bedbug infestation, or even something joyful but hard—triplets!—take action. “Be specific, so they can simply say yes or no,” says Bonior.

Read the article – 43 Ways You’re Not Really Helping.

The Visitors Center at Frying Pan Farm Park (Herndon, VA)

Maryland Travel Stories

Frying Pan Farm Park is one of the Fairfax County Park System‘s hidden gems. This 135-acre operation is a working farm and park located in Herndon, VA. I wrote post about Frying Pan Farm Park with a broader view back on December 9th. This is a closer look at the Visitors Center. As I said in my first post, The Visitors Center can get you started on your journal to explore Frying Pan. It has racks of information and a very friendly staff.

Exhibits at the Visitors Center

Indoor Meeting Rooms for Rental: The Auditorium and The Classroom

The auditorium is 1,800 square feet and can handle up to 200 people. The classroom is 600 square feet and can handle up to 50 people.

The Pavilion behind the Visitors Center

Ellmore Farmhouse & The Resident Curator Program

The Fairfax County Park Authority is always looking for help with preservation…

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