Seven Sites on the Northern Virginia Civil War Graffiti Trail

Here is an interesting twist on Civil War historical sites. Seven buildings across Northern Virginia have graffiti as an element of fame. Northern and southern soldiers occupied the sites during the American Civil War. These young men, looking for something to do, decided to take their frustrations out by writing and drawing all over the walls. Graffiti, you can still see today, thanks to preservationists. Please visit these sites to see what life was like for a soldier during the war—diaries on plaster. 

The Northern Virginia Civil War Graffiti Trail has the following sites you can visit:

  1. Historic Blenheim
  2. The Graffiti House
  3. Liberia House
  4. Ben Lomond Historic Site
  5. Mt. Zion Historic Park
  6. Old Court House Civil War Museum
  7. The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Museum

For more information:

Fairfax County “Connect With America” site

Brandy Sation Foundation brochure

Let me know how the visit goes.

Thank you for reading

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