31D2BBC – Day 2 – Write and Publish a List Post

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Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

31D2BBC = 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge. I explain the challenge in my post, “31 Days to Build a Better Blog from ProBlogger.” The second day of the podcast challenge is “Write and Publish a List Post.”

Technically, I can put a check in this box. I’ve created a few list posts since starting this blog. I have a few ideas for future posts. The posts I’ve created so far are listed below. (My first sneeze page!):

  1. My Blogging History
  2. You Need Tools to Blog
  3. The Entrepreneur’s Bucket List (American Express Open Forum)
  4. Annual Checklist for Nonprofit Board Members
  5. 31 Days to Build a Better Blog from ProBlogger
  6. Do You Know Your VP’s?
  7. Ask Yourself, How Much Time, Money and Energy?
  8. Are You Guilty of “Wishful” Recycling?

The catch is, I have not followed all the suggestions for a list post. That’s my challenge! The podcast episode is 21 minutes of tips, ideas, and wisdom. Listen to the episode to get the complete picture. The core tips I want to apply are:

  1. Create list posts using all 3 of the different styles
  2. Create list posts that serve as “sneeze” pages for my blog
  3. Use images as much as possible
  4. Use bullet points or sub-headings to help break up the formatting of longer posts.

I will keep this in mind with future list posts. Especially using more images in posts.

Thanks for reading CAPM and More!

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