Why I’m Writing a Blog: Braggables, Passion and Love!

blog-photoI’m a fan of Tom Peters. He’s a world-class speaker and business consultant.  He’s considered an authority on management and organization effectiveness.  He wrote an article in Fast Company Magazine called, “The Brand Called You.” There’s a quote in the article that explains the term ‘braggables.’

“One key to growing your power is to recognize the simple fact that we now live in a project world. Almost all work today is organized into bite-sized packets called projects. A project-based world is ideal for growing your brand: projects exist around deliverables, they create measurables, and they leave you with braggables.”

– Tom Peters

Even in the short time I’ve been blogging, I find I’m working on a series of small research projects to create my posts.  I’m learning new skills and gaining knowledge in new areas during the process.  Most importantly, I’m gaining BRAGGABLES!

This is a new blog. However, I’ve been blogging, on and off, for over ten years. I’m surprised at people’s reaction when I say I’m blogging.  I get peppered with questions on how I create my content. It makes for great conversation at social and networking events. Plus, it looks good on a resume or an online profile. Reason 1 … Braggables!

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey said it better than I could have. When you have a passion for something, research becomes fun. (Believe it or not.) I like reading and listening to podcasts about subjects I enjoy. Now I get to write about those subjects as well. Energy is no problem when you’re writing about topics you care about. Reason 2 … Passion!

I once had a co-worker who spent most of his time working from home. We had business calls and emails. However, I rarely saw him in the office. Something changed, and I started seeing him every day. I asked him why he gave up working from home? His response … “I’m not getting the love!

Now I know what you’re thinking … “That’s crazy! What love?” Funny thing is, I understood. He did excellent work. As a result, he got a great deal of positive feedback and compliments at the office. When working from home, all he received was generic call and emails. His compliment ratio dropped dramatically. No love. Clearly, the compliments were vital to him. He had to stop working from home to get them back.

Here’s another example. Years ago, I once found a woman on Yelp who has amusing reviews. Yelp has a system for giving feedback on a review. You can click ‘Useful,’ ‘Funny’ or ‘Cool’ if you like the review. I clicked funny or cool for most of her reviews as I read them. A couple days later, I got a reply from her. All she said was, “Thanks for all the love!

This blog is only a few weeks old. You can read my post on getting love from my fellow bloggers in that short time.

With these examples in mind, I get ‘love‘ when I blog! It’s very cool to get likes, emails or text messages letting me know someone likes what I post. Reason 3 … Love!

There are two more reasons not included in the title … career and money! I’m in the project management field. It’s a field I want to grow in. I know blogging can help with that.

As for money from blogging. I’m not getting that benefit, but I know bloggers that do. If I get added to that list someday … yay!!

Thanks for reading CAPM and More!

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