Thanks for the Love!

Thanks for the Love_1My blog still has that new car smell. I started working on it maybe two weeks ago. My first post was a week ago. The blog is small potatoes right now. No, tiny potatoes. Drop in the bucket potatoes?

Anyway, today I have ten followers and less than ten posts. Baby steps. This is wonderful for me. Baby steps are still steps, and I’m having fun with this project. There’s a benefit to blogging I didn’t think about. Thanks to my fellow bloggers, I had a moment that caused a big smile for me.

I usually write my posts after I get home from work. One day last week, I was thinking about an idea before work. I decided, “why not.” I typed the post and hit the publish button just before getting into the car for work.

I had an early morning status meeting this day. My cell phone is always quiet in the morning, so I didn’t turn it off. The meeting starts. I few minutes in my cell starts pinging. Surprised, I look at my phone and a big smile forms on my face. It was the notifications of people liking my post! Love from my fellow bloggers!

My boss hears my cell. He sees my smile and asks, “What’s happening?” I apologized for the noise and turned my cell off. The smile stays on my face.

Thanks for the love fellow bloggers!!! I have to start liking more posts so I can spread this love around!

And thanks for reading CAPM and More!

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