My Blogging History

dreamstime_xs_73677459 - BloggingI said in my last post that I’ve been blogging for over ten years. I’ve had different blogs as my interests changed or I was going through an experience I wanted to write about. Most of those blogs are still online. A tiny drop in the sea of abandoned blogs on the internet. I thought it would be interesting to find those old blogs and list them in one spot.

I have four blogs on WordPress including this one. (Three really. One blog I started, but I didn’t do anything with):

  • Maryland Travel Stories – I haven’t posted to this blog in a few months, but I’ll get back to it. I love to take road trips. Just been busy lately.
  • Low Voltage Install – This is the blog I didn’t do anything with. It’s a funny tale, but I can’t share it without revealing work secrets. I only made one post to this blog. I will re-post it here. It’s a good post!
  • Wheel Life Thinking – I had fun with this blog.

I have five old blogs on Tumblr:

Looking at all these old blogs brings back memories!

Thanks for reading CAPM and More!

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